Tunisian Crochet 1

Tunisan crochet is sometimes known as Afghan or Shepherd's crochet. It can best be described as a mixture of crochet and knitting and requires a long hook with a stopper on the end. The basic stitches are very easy to learn for beginners. You do not need to be able to crochet or knit. If you have found ordinary crochet tricky then Tunisian crochet may be easier for you. It creates a firm, thick fabric ideal for blankets and scarves and gives the qualities of a woven fabric. In this class you will learn how to start and finish your work and how to do 'Tunisian simple stitch'.You will also learn how to work with two colours. Yarn and hook are provided and available to purchase at the end of the class.
  • Suitable for beginner level students
  • Take home your makeplace item
  • Fabric included in price
New dates for this class coming soon...
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